Corporate Solutions
Corporate Solutions
Office Moving
Whatever small offices or big productions plants, good plan it is the key for successful moving. A complete onsite survey is carried out to organize the move into a series of manageable, planned phases that guarantee complete assistance every step of the way. During the whole moving our project coordinator will have carefully planned time tables and moving schedule to ensure your business's uninterrupted productivity. Extremely flexible resources allow the move to be performed in multiple steps including weekends when necessary.
Record Storage
Lots of important but not often used documents are required by law to be kept for a long time usually lasting 10-15 years even permanent. With a long time goes by, space-consumed paper cost you hard-earned revenue.

Record Storage service can providing right file storage cartons to place your documents and files, packing and picking up from your office, securing storage, quick retrieval and delivery, confidential documents disposal and 4 hours guaranteed service to cope with your emergency requirements.

Digital Solution can show you a smooth way to transit your record from paper to electronic records. You will not only save cost on storage space, also its resources on core business activities, saving your organization valuable time and money.

Security Destruction
Dealing with the waste files and electrical equipment is inevitably during your office relocation. Without a proper way to destroy those items can easily expose company's business confidentiality and influence company's continually development.

As part of ASW Group dedication to the environment, we provide FREE service to help client deliver the waste files and electronic items to government certificated place for secure shredding & destruction to reduce your company information security risks.  We are actively involving ourselves in the sustainable development and nature protection.
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