Mr. Chan
Message From Founder
Since our formation in 1988, we have witnessed Hong Kong develop through periods of expansion, transition and consolidation, in turn yielding both challenges and exciting opportunities. However, despite the economic climate, we strived to engage in delivering initiatives in order to meet these challenges.
Customers today are becoming more demanding and expect a more professional service, competitive price and faster response times from their suppliers. We must deliver world class, value-added services in order to maintain our competitiveness and increase customer satisfaction.
To cope with the future challenges, we will put more efforts in widening our transportation network and strengthening our infrastructure to suit the logistics needs of our customers. Further, we shall continue to invest and support our staff and more resources will be allocated to develop and upgrade our systems and facilities globally.
In conclusion, our committed team of staff, customers and business partners alike, all undoubtedly deserve a sincere vote of thanks for providing their support and guidance to Air Sea Worldwide throughout the years.